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While good maintenance can prevent and prolong the need for cesspool pumping it can happen and if it does we are there in a flash. We have the fastest response times in the Hamptons and can be reached

24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.



Suffolk County Health Dept recommends the cleaning of a Septic Tank every 1-2 years. The buildup of solid material in a Septic Tank can lead to costly Emergency repairs.  Maintaining your septic system on a maintenance schedule can ease your mind and your wallet. 



Quackenbush is the trusted Septic Service of a majority of the Hotel and Restaurant Industry in The Hamptons. At Quackenbush we understand the importance of a properly managed septic system in the Commercial and Hospitality Industry. Restaurants and Hotels rely on the peace of mind knowing they won’t have an embarrassing septic back up in the middle of service or during a Special event. We tailor a schedule that meets the needs/demand of each individual business. If an Emergency does arise Quackenbush can respond quickly to make sure your business can continue service. 



“Out of Sight Out of Mind” Many homeowners don’t know where their system is even located. Quackenbush has the most highly trained technicians and state of the art equipment to locate any septic system. There hasn’t been a system that Quackenbush hasn't found. Locating your system before an Emergency or back up can save time and money and give homeowners a peace-of-mind. 


Old compromised waste lines are a huge problem on the East End.  Roots love to grow in waste lines and Septic Tanks/ Cesspools causing a backup of waste into the building.  Quackenbush is trusted my many local plumbers and municipalities to clear major blockages in sewer lines and septic lines.  We offer RotoRooter Services, Waste Line Jetting, Camera Imaging and full replacements when necessary.



We offer a variety of inspection levels from basic to a full Engineer Report.  When purchasing a home it is imperative to know the condition of the Sanitary System. It is not often part of a Home Inspection report and you don’t want your 1st night in your new home to be spent dealing with a Septic Emergency. (Trust me it happens all the time).

Quackenbush will locate all components of the Septic System and make sure it is operating as it should and is structurally sound. The location and size/ dimensions as well as condition will be available for a report to the client.  If  you are looking to do any kind of construction to the home, i.e expand bedroom count, increase square footage or add a swimming pool a full Inspection will be necessary to provide to the building department in order to obtain a Building Permit. 


As a septic system ages the bottom of the leaching pool(s) start to build up with sediment that can affect the drainage of water or effluent.  When this happens the cesspool will no longer leach effectively into the ground, and fill up causing an overflow in the yard or a backup into the residence. Once the system is emptied we use pressurized air and environmentally friendly chemicals to dissolve that sediment allowing for the cesspool to drain again.  


Quackenbush holds liquid waste endorsements to install Conventional Septic Systems (i.e Septic Tank & Leaching Pools) as well as Innovative Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A OWTS) or ‘Nitrogen Reducing Systems’. We take care of all applications, permits, and installations. Quackenbush’s vast knowledge of the Grant process for Suffolk County, New York State and local Townships Rebate programs makes for a smooth process from start to finish. At Quackenbush, we can take care of all the applications in house and apply for all the necessary permits on the homeowners behalf.  Quackenbush has equipment to fit a variety of Septic design needs from tight spaces and intricate design to large capacity systems suitable for large quantity bedroom designs.   


Certified installers of multiple SCHD approved technologies:

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